Friday, October 15, 2010

The Importance of Being Regular

It’s been ages since I’ve blogged. I tell myself constantly that I need to get my butt over here and start talking but then I find I can’t think of anything brilliant, insightful and witty enough so I just put it off again.

And I think therein lies the problem.

Do you visit the blogs that you visit regularly because of their deep and meaningful comment on life and/or the writing process? Do you bookmark the sites that provide the best footnoted research?

I don’t. The sites that I visit regularly are the ones that are updated every day and the ones that feel “real” to me. I visit Tawna Fenske’s Don’t Pet Me, I’m Writing almost every day. When I arrive I’m just as likely to find a post about Phallic Squash as I am a fantastic explanation of Show Don’t Tell. And I love that.

The point is that I don’t think you have to worry so much about being brilliant in a blog for people to want to read it. You have to be regular and you have to be you.

So, let’s give it a whirl…


  1. Aw, thanks!

    Although about that whole "being you" thing? I'm actually a 60-year-old grandfather who lives in Manhattan.

    Other than that, the whole blog is true.


  2. I can't lie. I was really hoping this was a post about pooping. I'm a little disappointed, but I'll get over it.
    I think you're right about not needing to be brilliant. I mean, you've read mine. You know it's true. It's important that you're attempting a dialogue, and expressing yourself. And I think the brilliance comes out on its own when you're not planning it anyway.

  3. Brilliance is highly overrated.

    I visit blogs that not only provide some helpful writerly advice/angst but where the bloggers also just talk a little bit about what's happening in their lives and can give me a laugh or two. I may be a horrible blog commenter but I do visit when I can.
    Don't beat yourself up about the blogging. The WIP is the thing - focus on that!